Critique Speak

Critique Competition! ( deadline 12/31/12

Introducing Critique Speak

How do you react when someone says, “Art is subjective.” I respond with, “Noooo!”

Opinions matter, especially when backed with valuable feedback that can help an artist or author move their work forward. When critiquing a new work in development, isn’t that what you want? Wouldn’t you like the recipient of your feedback to not only hear what you’re saying, but find a way to act upon it? Of course they will integrate your feedback in their own way — that’s their job.

For any generator of new work, feedback is a challenge. Learning how to articulate an effective critique will not only help them continue their creative explorations, but reinforce your own creativity in the process. Your skills and abilities in critique will be enhanced as you learn the language of constructive feedback. So will your own writing skills and abilities.

Let’s explore…


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