Critique Speak

Critique Competition! ( deadline 12/31/12


The Critique Speaking Contest is not only your opportunity to share your experience, but get a short video made of that experience!

  • All submissions will be read.
  • In February 2013, 25 will be chosen to receive a reading live by the Avatar Repertory Theater on the virtual world, Second Life, produced by The Sanity Patrol Players.
  • Recordings of these readings will be posted on The Sanity Patrol website.
  • For the month of March, anyone and everyone will vote for their favorites.
  • The Sanity Patrol Players will produce videos of the top 3-5 pieces on Second Life. (see examples of the videos)
  • Videos will be posted on YouTube and The Sanity Patrol Press website in May 2013.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submissions must be 500-1000 characters in length.
  2. Entries must be a monologue for Tikka or a dialogue between Tikka and Arthur (see character photos).
  3. The point of view must be that of Tikka.
  4. Submissions can be real, fictional, speculative, or anything in between.
  5. Do not include stage directions unless absolutely necessary.
  6. Submit entries in an email to:
  7. Maximum of 5 entries per person
  8. Winning writers maintain copyright and license The Sanity Patrol for noncommercial use of the material
  9. DEADLING: December 31, 2012

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