Critique Speak

Critique Competition! ( deadline 12/31/12


I was talking to someone about art and they said they thought art was subjective. No! I thought. This inspired me to write Critique Speak, a graphic ebook on the language of constructive criticism. The ebook not only discusses how to critique, but the creative and critical thinking required to help an author with rewrite their play, novel, screenplay or game. The cartoons grab their attention so that they are open to complex concepts. The characters in the cartoons are avatars that were designed on Second Life, an online virtual world. The ebook also looks at the fundamentals of story, steps to take to offer an effective critique and information about how authors can get their work out there. With guidance, readers determine their own way of approaching a new piece of written work. Critique Speak offers games that not only review the content, but inspire the reader to further tailor their critique strategies.


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